Prices & Checkout

Music Video Shoots : Require a budget to cover travel expense, setup and more.

$500.00 Per Hr.

$2,500.00: Includes 3 locations, up to 9 scenes this includes travel expenses & Setup.

$4,500.00: Includes 4 locations, up to 12 scenes, this includes travel expenses & Setup.

$6,000.00: Includes 6 locations up to 24 scenes, film scripting, general props if needed, travel expenses & Setup.

Short Film-Video Shoots: These are a little more in budgeting because of the filming and time that's required to make your video deeper and more detailed than most video shoots, this isn't your standard ,basic video. Starting prices vary and range around $8,000

Short & Featured Films: Please contact us with your budget & More details of your project.

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