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Read the full article from the Chicago Tribune of The Lic Film directed by Soundman by hitting the button below.

"The LIC (Life in Chicago)": This feature-length narrative from writer-director Soundman has the gritty realism I suspect some hope to find in "Chi-Raq." It meanders and doesn't have a clear plot (the two-hour running time could stand to lose 30 minutes), but it captures a world that feels lived-in and true.

An ex-con known as Rah Rah (played by Soundman) is still behind bars at the movie's start, talking with another inmate about getting a job when he gets out, washing cars or something like that. "Washing cars?" comes the scoffing response. "We getting ready to take some … cars, man." Once Rah Rah is released he intends to go legit, but the film tracks precisely why circumstances in specific Chicago neighborhoods conspire against that kind of change. (Of note: The end credits list all the actors by their Twitter handles, which is the first time I've seen that.)

The movie can be streamed for free on YouTube


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